Auto sales funnel what is it, why is it necessary and how to implement
  • 04 September, 2021

Auto sales funnel what is it, why is it necessary and how to implement!
A customized auto funnel will help you attract and retain customers. You will be able to focus on sales, reduce the time spent on order processing, and at the same time, communication with visitors will become more personalized.

As a result - saving human and financial resources, increasing conversion and sales - here, depending on the case, the numbers will be different, but can go up to 30%.

We have prepared a comprehensive marketing guide to auto funnels for you based on our experience.

What is an auto sales funnel
An auto sales funnel is a promotion of a user through a sales funnel using auto messages and collecting customer information. A sales funnel is a step-by-step journey that a customer takes from recognizing your product to purchasing. Each business has its own sales funnel, but the stages are approximately the same:

1 awareness (the user knows that the product or service exists);
2 interest (the user is interested in going to the site);
3 desire (wants to buy or register);
4 action (purchase or registration).

The action may look different depending on the type of business. For online stores - a purchase, for SaaS services - registration in the service or installing a code, for sites that provide services - an application.
What a funnel looks like in terms of customer readiness to buy.
Site visitor => cold lead => hot lead => customer => regular customer.
An example of a sales funnel for an online store: a client went to the site of an online store (visitor), viewed a product card (cold lead), added a product to the cart (hot lead), bought (a customer), returned to the store again (permanent).

Ta-dam! We have a regular client.
Why is a sales funnel a funnel? Because at every step, disinterested customers “drop out”. Usually, the picture is something like this: 800 people come to the site, 200 add to the cart and about 50 make a purchase, that is, many potential customers are lost at each step of the funnel.
In reality, the percentage of those who bought is negligible: according to the Online Store base, the conversion of stores rarely exceeds 3%.
An example of a real sales funnel (from the Carrot quest practice):
In the case of an auto-funnel, automatic messages work exactly with this problem - they retain customers and reduce losses at each step, thereby expanding the steps of the funnel. The auto funnel gently takes customers from one step to the next, keeping them engaged.

The auto-funnel takes customers from getting to know the product to buying.
Funnel automation, or automatic sales funnel, means it's done with automated tools, not manually. Implementation options can be different, but, as a rule, there is a fixed set of actions - a scenario that is carried out using marketing automation tools.

Sales funnel video. Video Marketing Strategy.
Video is a great solution for companies looking to leverage the power of video marketing in their strategy. By using videos at different stages of the sales funnel, you can increase conversions and attract leads. However, you need to know what types of video content will perform best at different stages of the customer journey. This means that you also need to know how to connect with customers at the right time, how to answer their questions correctly, and which people you should target.

What are the advantages of video funnels.
The fact is that we do not give the audience direct advertising "head-on", but first we collect viewers interested in our product or who have problems that we can solve. Facebook allows you to do effective remarketing, and the video on the site can be tracked by specially setting up analytics in Google Analitics or Yandex. metric.